What is Fasten?

Fasten is an open-source and self-hosted electronic medical record aggregator for individuals and families. Securely connect your healthcare providers together, creating a personal health record that never leaves your hands.

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Fasten is a Work-in-Progress and can only communicate with a limited number of healthcare instutions (approx 25,000 at last count). Please fill out this Google Form if you’d like to be kept up-to-date on Fasten

To ensure Fasten’s long-term sustainability, we’re exploring some funding options. The first 500 users have access to a lifetime license, including support for the self-hosted version, as well as all current & future apps.

The Windows & Mac apps are also available as standalone downloads at the Microsoft Store and App Store for a one-time purchase of $50. Got questions or want to learn more about our fundraising experiment? Click here to dive into the details & FAQs


Like many of you, I’ve worked for many companies over my career. In that time, I’ve had multiple health, vision and dental insurance providers, and visited many different clinics, hospitals and labs to get procedures & tests done.

Recently I had a semi-serious medical issue, and I realized that my medical history (and the medical history of my family members) is a lot more complicated than I realized and distributed across the many healthcare providers I’ve used over the years. I wanted a single (private) location to store our medical records, and I just couldn’t find any software that worked as I’d like:

  • Self-hosted - this is my medical history, I’m not willing to give it to some random multi-national corporation to data-mine and sell
  • All inclusive - It should aggregate my data from multiple healthcare providers (insurance companies, hospital networks, clinics, labs) across multiple industries (vision, dental, medical) – all in one dashboard
  • Automatic - It should pull my EMR (electronic medical record) directly from my insurance provider/clinic/hospital network - I don’t want to scan/OCR physical documents unless I have to
  • Open-source - The code should be available for contributions & auditing

So, I built it.

Fasten is an open-source, self-hosted, personal/family electronic medical record aggregator, able to integrate with the electronc medical records your healthcare providers & insurers are already using.

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Fasten is designed with a solid foundation that is easily extensible:

  • Self-hosted
  • Designed for families, not clinics (unlike the EMR your doctors use)
  • Supports the FHIR protocol required by U.S. law
  • Uses OAuth2 (Smart-on-FHIR) authentication, so you don’t need to trust Fasten with your password
  • Uses OAuth’s offline_access scope (where possible) to automatically pull changes/updates
  • Multi-user support for household/family use
  • Dashboards & tracking for lab work, panels, & vitals
  • Ability to manually add data from paper charts or self-ordered lab work
  • (Future) Integration with smart-devices & wearables

See FAQs for common questions (& answers) regarding Fasten

See FEATURES for a list of features that are planned for Fasten