Hey everyone, 

I’ve always been candid about the need to build Fasten Health in a sustainable way, especially considering the legal and compliance complexities we face. Now that I’m dedicated to Fasten full-time, I’m eager to raise capital to bootstrap the project and bring in some talented contractors who can help us accelerate our progress.

Here’s my current plan:

What do you get? 

A lifetime license to the Fasten Health software. Presently, we offer a desktop version available for sale in the Windows/Mac App Stores. We also plan to potentially offer a cloud-based, self-hosted version of Fasten. Your lifetime license would apply to both.

$75,000 is a lot of money! What are you going to do with it? 

Agreed, it sounds like a lot, however after taxes, legal fees & infrastructure costs, there won’t be much left for the specialized professionals and contractors we need to hire to expedite Fasten’s development. 

Specifically, there are a number of features I’ll be prioritizing with this funding: 

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Smart device/wearable integration
  • ChatGPT-Like offline interface for Querying Your Health Record
  • Predefined dashboards for chronic conditions - work with a number of chronic condition communities to see how we can display the data they actually care about
  • Integration of a WHO recommendation engine to highlight discrepancies from the guidelines for condition-based care, vaccines, boosters, checkups, etc. 
  • Integration of Health Plan Price Transparency Information - allowing users to see how the cost of their tests, procedures & medications compare between other providers in their region. 

$75,000 isn’t much money! Why don’t you raise prices/total lifetime license count/capital from VCs?

Let’s be crystal clear, anyone who purchases a “lifetime” license at this point is effectively gambling. They’re betting that I know what I’m doing, that I’ll use their money wisely, and that the Fasten Health project will still be thriving in the years to come. Gambling with more than $200 of any individual user’s money just doesn’t feel right, especially since many of our users may be individuals with significant medical expenses.

Increasing the count of total lifetime licenses could have long-term consequences. If Fasten becomes successful, “power-users” who upgrade and use our services regularly will be grandfathered into heavily discounted plans, potentially paying much less than the actual service costs to run. It’s a balancing act.

As for venture capitalists, while they’ll give money to almost anyone, their money comes with serious strings attached. Founders are typically required to rapidly expand their user base and profit, which may not might not align with our mission of patient empowerment. Frankly it just makes me uncomfortable, and I believe that selling directly to our users keeps our incentives in alignment.

This sounds great, sign me up!

Your support means the world to me, and Fasten Health wouldn’t be where it is today without you. Once your purchase is complete, your email address will be linked to the Lifetime License, granting you access to all future Fasten Health products and services.

If the button below is grayed out, it means we’ve sold out of the Fasten Health Lifetime License :)