I’m working on a patient-focused open-source healthcare application. It currently integrates with 1000’s of healthcare institutions, allowing users to automatically retrieve their medical records from their institution’s EMR.

However, we’ve received constant feedback that users would also like the ability to create records themselves:

  • their institution may not be supported by Fasten
  • their institution may be international (and not have a patient-accessible portal)
  • they have old records that no longer exist
  • they have relevant medical data that has never been tracked by an institution
  • etc.

Since our system already uses and understands FHIR documents, I’d like to store patient manually-created documents in the same format, however FHIR editors seem complicated, requiring patients to understand the FHIR spec.

I know this is unlikely, but I’m hoping you may be aware of known/popular mechanisms for generating FHIR resources from patient information – ideally open-source?

  • a UI library that generates “simple” forms for each (or multiple) FHIR resource type?
  • using the FHIR Questionnaire resource/wizard for prompting users for their medical information?
  • an ML based system to parse free-text into records.
  • a simple DSL (similar to FSH) that can generate FHIR records.
  • a question/answer style chatbot for generating records

answer from Josh Mandel

Depending on your key use cases (e.g., allowing patients to enter meds or allergies from a non FHIR enabled source, vs allowing full import of historical paper based records), there are some different choices.

GPT-3.5 models do a pretty reasonable job of turning free text into specific FHIR resources, but it still takes finesse to make these actually correct.

Some very targeted UX for Allergies, Meds, and Conditions would probably be more usable than a generic StructureDefinition backed form interface.

That said, I haven’t seen a good take on a usable SD driven generic form UX. It seems like a broadly useful component. may have useful bits (I haven’t explored), is too dev oriented… @Brian Postlethwaite have you seen or explored anything like this UI with the Forms Lab, or translate of SDs into Questionnaires so generic tooling like could render them?